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The Addiction Science Network (ASNet) is a virtual network for the scientific study of addiction and for the application of information derived from scientific analysis to the problems of addiction. The ASNet mission has three general aims: education through our addiction technology transfer initiative (ATTI), promoting effective harm-reduction strategies, and advocacy of rational drug-regulation policies. Explicit in the ATTI component of the ASNet mission is the dissemination of information about addiction which is accomplished in part through this website. Our newest resource that is part of this program is our ASNet Addiction Science Training Series available exclusively through the ASNet Podcast Channel.


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Most Recent Commentaries from the ASNet Forum
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Most Popular Commentaries from the ASNet Forum
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Before Prohibition: Early Psychoactive Medicines

A Primer on Drug Addiction

Experimental Methods Used to Study Addiction

Biological Basis of Addiction

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Online Course Information (courses listed here are taught by Dr. Michael A. Bozarth at the State University of New York at Buffalo)

  • PSY402 (Psychopharmacology)
  • PSY451 (Drug Addiction)
  • PSY486 (Advanced Topics in Addiction)
  • PSY487 (Understanding Terrorism)
  • PSY488 (Clinical Psychopharmacology)
  • PSY890 (Graduate Neuropsychopharmacology)


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