Drug Addiction as a "Disease"

02/11/09 | by the professor [mail] | Categories: General, Nomenclature

Does considering drug addiction as a "disease" help or hinder a better understanding about the nature, cause, and treatment of this 'disorder?'

Please see the Comments from "The Professor" for the ASNet perspective on considering "Addiction" as a disease.


A New Addiction Science Network Resource -- Welcome to the "Blog!"

02/11/09 | by the professor [mail] | Categories: General

Welcome to the new discussion forum of the Addiction Science Network (ASNet). This 'blog' is an open, unmoderated forum for discussing drug addiction and related topics. Neither the Addiction Science Network nor any of its agents are responsible for the content of this blog. "The Professor" will on occasion add commentary or initiate a thread but generally does not moderate or direct this forum.

The discussion forum has been added as a new resource to the Addiction Science Network because of popular demand for such a mechanism to share information about the scientific study of drug addiction and the evidenced-based knowledge obtained from such analysis. It is hoped that the many requests for information that are sent to the ASNet for a personal reply are redirected to this forum for a more prompt response and for sharing with the many others who have similar interests.

To help organize the information discussed and subsequently archived here, please initiate a new thread when appropriate (e.g., changing a topic) and post replies and added commentary to an existing thread at least while the thread is still active. Because of the nature of this forum, any personal information collected for registration purposes is protected under Federal regulations including HIPPA and FERPA. Information posted by the participants in this forum, however, is public and the user is cautioned about revealing personal information in such postings (e.g., actual identify, personal address).

Good hunting, happy blogging, and cheers,

"The Professor"

UPDATE 12 September 2012

We have been forced to move to a "moderated" structure because of the heavy spam left in open, user-initiated, unmoderated posts (for an example of the potential for abuse, see the server overload we experienced when the 'gate' was left open as described in our posting Unscheduled Service Disruption to all ASNet Resources.) We will continue to permit the free, open exchange of ideas and positions on topics related to drug addiction, substance abuse, and psychopharmacology, but we now must impose a slight delay while new posts are reviewed to insure that they are legitimate posts and not spam. We still do not technically moderate the posts; we will gladly present opposing views including those which conflict with our own opinions and position statements. The "moderation" is strictly to ensure legitimate posts and prohibit spam or commercial promotions for other websites and treatment centers. Sorry for any inconvenience and please continue to leave your comments and feedback.


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