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Unscheduled Service Disruption to all ASNet Resources

06/16/10 | by the professor [mail] | Categories: General, Announcements

We may experience a temporary shut-down due to server overload. We are trying to plug a 25+ GB hole in our online discussion forums (which includes several others in addition to this one) that is depleting our computer resources and may produce an effect similar to a denial-of-service attack. This is caused by nuisance posts that attempt to increase traffic to offending websites by linking back to our posts. The comments usually have no obvious connection with the initial commentary (e.g., "good post," "love to read more") and must be manually deleted, often one-by-one.

We will now be more vigilant in 'policing' our discussion forms, routinely deleting posts that do not make specific reference to the content of the individual commentaries. We will also preview posts before allowing them to be published. This is perhaps the most effective method of decreasing this type of spam combined with using an updated list of known spammers. If the problem persists, we may require registration for posting comments. If the problem further persists, we will disallow trackbacks to commercial resources including those involved in drug addition treatment and related services.

We apologize for removing any legitimate posts that are inadvertently deleted. (Your legitimate post might be buried amongst thousands of spam postings.) We do not wish to 'moderate' the content of this discussion forum beyond preventing keyword spamming. If your post is deleted by mistake, please make sure that you are registered and logged-on and then post your comments again. Meanwhile, we have been working through the night and much of the day to prevent a service outage from these malicious web-promotion services.

In the unlikely event that we ever become so popular that we actually require an additional 30 GB of bandwidth, we will be happy to pay for the expanded service. But we certainly are unwilling to pay to promote offending websites while they liter our discussion forum. And of course, resources here are very limited and that's the primary reason lead commentaries and replies have been so sparse this past year. Hopefully time will permit further developing the content of this discussion forum later this summer. Meanwhile, we appreciate your viewership, your active participation by posting, and your patience with this project.

Cheers and sorry for any inconvenience,

"The Professor"

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