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"Press the lever:" Support our work! (please)

11/16/13 | by the professor [mail] | Categories: General, Announcements, Sponsorship & Advertising Policy


Want to support our work? A quick, easy, and free(!) way to support our work at the Addiction Science Network is to simply click-on one or more of the advertisements displayed on the top or bottom of some of our webpages. We receive a small pay-per-click commission for each viewer who visits one of the advertisements found on our website. You don’t need to purchase anything! Just take a moment to ‘click’ if you find our resources useful and wish to support our work. More clicks = more support and are interpreted by us (and by our sponsors/advertisers :D) as a ‘thanks’ for the information and other resources we provide. Of course actually purchasing merchandise and services through these links increases the competitiveness of this 'prime' advertising space and results ultimately in higher pay-per-click commission rates, so if the items fit your needs, “buy away.”

Please note that we do NOT accept embedded link/spoofed advertising (i.e., hyperlinks on key terms such as "best addiction treatment" that lead to websites selling their services). This is the most lucrative mode of Internet advertising, and we repeatedly decline very profitable offers that could generate considerable revenue by this business model. All links to off-site webpages should open a separate webpage (as do some of our own links where we feel it appropriate to keep the reader 'anchored' on the referring page) to serve as a 'flag' that the information may be coming from a source other than the Addiction Science Network. Furthermore, we restrict advertising space to the immediate top and/or bottom of our webpages to maintain a 'clean' browsing/reading experience and to help distinguish paid advertising from our own content.

And an apology . . .
:oops: Sorry that the first new posting in over a year is a solicitation for (indirect) financial support and for the moral boost knowing that we have supporters willing to take a moment out of their busy schedules to indicate continued support in a tangible form, but the reality of the situation is that limited financial support severely limits the time and resources available to continue development of our website -- both are a zero-sum game with never enough to fulfill all of our needs and good intentions. We plan on posting additional podcasts and new commentaries very soon, but the loss of our main computer used for this work along with the primary backup copies of the podcasts already completed and the availability of only outdated software resources have hampered moving forward when we now must spend time to tool-back-up for this work.

About the Addiction Science Network (ASNet)
Our work involves topics related to drug abuse, drug addiction, drug dependence, and other related topics in psychopharmacology including the biological basis of severe mental disorders. The ASNet Discussion Forum serves our primary missions of disseminating unbiased scientific information about drug addiction and advocacy of better harm-reduction strategies and science-based, rationale drug-regulation policies. We also have a podcast channel and a website that support these missions which is primarily aimed at academic and professional audiences. The free use and distribution (for noncommercial purposes) of the content of our resources is permitted as long as reference is made to the original source (minimum acknowledgement "Addiction Science Network;" preferably a direct link to the original source). We are always pleased to accept donations for our work, but donations do not qualify as charitable contributions according to IRS rules because of our advocacy policy. The limited advertisements we accept are clearly distinguishable from our content by their placement on the top and/or bottom of individual webpages and by the fact that all off-site content should open a new browser window; a small payment is received on a pay-per-click basis without our readers incurring any expense (no purchase of goods or services necessary). Sponsors who make financial or in-kind contributions to support our work are acknowledged on our homepage and sometimes elsewhere on our website. Neither sponsors nor advertisers have any influence on the published content of this website.

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