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ASNet Discussion Forum Re-opened for Comments

11/20/13 | by the professor [mail] | Categories: Announcements


We are (at least temporarily) re-opening the ASNet Discussion Forum for reader comments. Although we sincerely appreciate the feedback and other comments, the high volume of spam postings had forced us to shutdown our site to postings from nonmembers. We are again trying this on an experimental basis for the next few weeks and will determine if the spammers have lost our 'address' or if this continues to be a problem. Meanwhile, please feel free to post your comments and to initiate new threads on topics of interest. Note that postings will be screened/reviewed to eliminate spam but not for content, except for the prohibited commercial postings that have plagued us in the past; most postings should appear within 24 hours of submission. Also note that because we do not exercise editorial control over outside content, we may or may not agree with such content. We believe that an open, unmoderated discussion forum is the optimal vehicle for the free and honest exchange of ideas and for the discussion of controversial topics. "Write-on!"


Within minutes of re-opening our discussion forum for postings from nonmembers we received our first spam postings from: (SanStorageDirect) (Cheap UGGs)

We have blacklisted these companies and suggest others boycott their products and services as sell to send a strong message to spam marketers.

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