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ASNet Updates via RSS/Atom Feeds

03/13/09 | by the professor [mail] | Categories: General, Announcements

The Addiction Science Network will discontinue e-mail notification of updates by the end of 2009. Please subscribe to RSS or Atom feeds linked on the bottom right-hand side of the ASNet Discussion Forum to receive notification of updates to the main AddictionScience.net website in addition to new postings to the discussion forum. Please note that RSS/Atom feeds for new postings and for replies to existing postings are separate notifications. You may subscribe to receive only notification of new postings and/or to receive notification of replies to existing postings. If you wish to minimize the number of RSS/Atom broadcasts that you receive, only subscribe to receive new postings which will include announcements about updates to the Addiction Science Network website.

RSS and Atom feeds have set the standards for timely notification of updated web information and for publication of new material online. Those not familiar with these services are advised to learn about them and to use them for keeping up-to-date in their areas of interest. Microsoft Outlook provides automatic downloading of subscribed RSS feeds seamlessly integrated with normal e-mail. More information will be provided later on how to use RSS/Atom feeds to keep up-to-date on the ASNet activities. Meanwhile, "try it, you'll like it!"

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