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Drug Addiction
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Unit 1: Background


Reading Assignment/Online Materials

Note: Chapter assignments may change during the semester. Check back here for course revisions throughout the term. (Be sure to use the reload/refresh button on your browser each time you view this page.). Click here for the Table of Contents and for the lists of figures and tables which is revised periodically.

Unit 1a: The Problem of Addiction

Chapter 1

Unit 1b: Case Studies


Unit 1c: Concepts & Definitions

Chapter 2

Unit 1d: Demographics & Epidemiological Considerations

Chapter 3

Unit 1e: Historical Perspective

Introductory material from Chapters 8 & 9 

Before Prohibition: Images from 
the Preprohibition Era




Unit 2: Drug Action & Classification


Reading Assignment/Online Materials

Unit 2a: Psychopharmacology Review

Chapter 4

Unit 2b: Classification Schemes

Drug Classification and Illicit Drug Index




Unit 3: Scientific Study of Addiction


Reading Assignment/Online Materials

Unit 3a: Theories of Addiction

Chapter 5

Unit 3b: Methods of Studying Drug Reinforcement

Chapter 6

Virtual Lab Tours 

Unit 3c: Addiction as a Motivational Process

Chapter 7

 Bozarth (ed., 1987): Methods of Assessing the Reinforcing Properties of Abused Drugs




Unit 4: Biological Basis of Addiction


Reading Assignment/Online Materials

Unit 4a: Neurobiology of Brain Reward Systems

Chapter 8

Biological Mechanisms of Addiction

Bozarth (1994): Pleasure Systems in the Brain

Unit 4b: Psychomotor Stimulants

Chapter 9 

Bozarth & Wise (1985): Toxicity associated with long-term intravenous heroin and cocaine self-administration in
the rat

Bozarth (1989): New Perspectives on Cocaine Addiction

Unit 4c: Opioids

Chapter 10 

Bozarth & Wise (1982): Localization of the Reward-Relevant Opiate Receptors

Bozarth & Wise (1984): Anatomically Distinct Opiate Receptor Fields Mediate Reward and Physical Dependence

Bozarth & Wise (1986): Involvement of the Ventral Tegmental Dopamine System in Opioid and Psychomotor Stimulant Reward

Bozarth (1994): Opiate Reinforcement Processes: Reassembling Multiple Mechanisms

Unit 4e: Factors Modulating Addiction

Chapter 11 

Bozarth (2000): Reward Mechanisms in Normal and Pathological Behavior –The Dopamine Link as a Target for Therapeutic Intervention




Unit 5: Integrative Aspects & Advanced Topics


Reading Assignment/Online Materials

Unit 5a: A Psychobiological Model of Addiction

Chapter 12

Unit 5b: Other Illicit Drugs

Chapter 13

Unit 5b: Addiction to Commonly Used Substances?

Chapter 14 (The DSM-IV & Sasha Addiction)

Unit 5c: Non-Chemical Addictions?

Chapter 15

Unit 5d: Treatment Considerations

Chapters 16 & 17

Unit 5e: Harm-Reduction Strategies

Chapter 18

Unit 5f: The Politics of Addiction

Chapters 19 & 20




Supplementary Materials

The Internet

An introduction to Internet surfing

Psychomotor Stimulants

cocaine self-administration
Part-1 (PDF, 6 slides/page)
Part-2 (PDF, 6 slides/page)
Part-3 (PDF, 6 slides/page)


When Rationality Fails –Modern Theories of Addiction

Reward Mechanisms in Normal and Pathological Behavior –The Dopamine Link as a Target for Therapeutic Intervention


Harm Reduction


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