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Methods of Assessing the Reinforcing Properties of Abused Drugs,

edited by M.A. Bozarth (Publisher: Springer-Verlag, New York, 1987).

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Table of Contents

Foreword (Michael A. Bozarth)

Self-Administration Studies

Chapter 1: Intravenous self-administration: Response rates, the effects of pharmacological challenges, and drug preferences. Robert A. Yokel.

Chapter 2: Screening for drug reinforcement using intravenous self-administration in the rat. James R. Weeks & R. James Collins.

Chapter 3: Assessing drugs for abuse liability and dependence potential in laboratory primates. J. R. Brady, R. R. Griffiths, R. D. Hienz, N. A. Ator, S. E. Lukas, & R. J. Lamb.

Chapter 4: Interpretation of lesion effects on stimulant self-administration. D. C. S. Roberts & K. A. Zito.

Chapter 5: Second-order schedules of drug reinforcement. Jonathan L. Katz & Steven R. Goldberg.

Chapter 6: Intravenous drug self-administration: A special case of positive reinforcement. Roy A. Wise.

Chapter 7: Oral drug self-administration: Drugs as reinforcers. Richard A. Meisch & Marilyn E. Carroll.

Chapter 8: Oral self-administration of alcohol: A valid approach to the study of drug self-administration and human alcoholism. Z. Amit, B. R. Smith, & E. A. Sutherland.

Chapter 9: Intracranial self-administration procedures for the assessment of drug reinforcement. Michael A. Bozarth.

Chapter 10: Prediction of drug abuse liability from animal studies. Tomoji Yanagita.

Conditioning Studies

Chapter 11: Conditioned reinforcement as a measure of the rewarding properties of drugs. W. Marvin Davis & Stanley G. Smith.

Chapter 12: Reinstatement of drug-taking behavior as a method of assessing the incentive motivational properties of drugs. Jane Stewart & Harriet de Wit.

Chapter 13: Place conditioning: A simple and effective method for assessing the motivational properties of drug. Derek van der Kooy.

Chapter 14: Conditioned place preference: A parametric analysis using systemic heroin injections. Michael A. Bozarth

Chapter 15: Anatomical and neurochemical substrates of drug reward determined by the conditioned place preference technique. Anthony G. Phillips & Hans C. Fibiger.

Drug Discrimination Studies

Chapter 16: Applications and limitations of the drug discrimination method for the study of drug abuse. Donald A. Overton.

Chapter 17: Drug discrimination: Methods of manipulation, measurement, and analysis. Francis C. Colpaert.

Chapter 18: The study of structure-activity relationships using drug discrimination methodology. Richard A. Glennon & Richard Young.

Brain Stimulation Reward Studies

Chapter 19: Tests involving pressing for intracranial stimulation as an early procedure for screening likelihood of addiction of opioids and other drugs. Larry D. Reid.

Chapter 20: Brain-stimulation reward: Measurement and mapping by psychophysical techniques and quantitative 2-[14C] deoxyglucose autoradiography. Ralph U. Esposito, Linda J. Porrino, & Thomas F. Seeger.

Chapter 21: A comparison of two methods designed to rapidly estimate thresholds of rewarding brain stimulation. George Fouriezos & Edward Nawiesniak.

Chapter 22: A multifunctional on-line brain stimulation system: Investigation of alcohol and aging effects. Michael J. Lewis & Richard W. Phelps.

Chapter 23: Combined microinjection and brain stimulation reward methodology for the localization of reinforcing drug effects. Chris L. E. Broekkamp.

Assessment in Humans

Chapter 24: Addiction Research Center Inventory (ARCI): Measurement of euphoria and other drug effects. Charles A. Haertzen & John E. Hickey.

Chapter 25: Operant analysis of human drug self-administration: Marihuana, alcohol, heroin, and polydrug use. Nancy K. Mello & Jack H. Mendelson.

Chapter 26: A drug preference procedure for use with human volunteers. H. de Wit & C. E. Johanson.

Chapter 27: Clinical procedures for the assessment of abuse potential. Jack E. Henningfield, Rolley E. Johnson, & Donald R. Jasinski.

Other Considerations

Chapter 28: Operationalizing and measuring the organizing influence of drugs on behavior. Normal M. White, Claude Messier, & Geoffrey D. Carr.

Chapter 29: The mouse as a subject in the study of neural mechanisms of reward. Hugh E. Criswell.

Chapter 30: An overview of assessing drug reinforcement. Michael A. Bozarth.

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