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The Addiction Science Network (ASNet) is a virtual network for the scientific study of addiction and for the application of information derived from scientific analysis to the problems of addiction. The current focus is on:


Drug-Regulation Policy involves the development and advocation of rational drug control policies based on scientific evidence (e.g., eliminating the discriminatory laws for possession of “crack” and “powder” forms of cocaine, advocacy of the medical use of marijuana).

Harm-Reduction Program involves the development, application, and assessment of strategies for reducing the harm from licit and illicit psychoactive drug use (e.g., needle-exchange programs, educating drug users).

Addiction Technology Transfer involves the application of basic research findings for better drug education and clinical treatment programs (e.g., course instruction, program consultation, Internet resources including this website and the ASNet Discussion Forum).

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For over 25 years the work of the principal investigator (P.I.) had focused on examining the biological and behavioral effects of opiates (e.g., heroin, morphine), psychomotor stimulants (e.g., amphetamine, cocaine), and other drugs (e.g., caffeine, nicotine) by conducting basic scientific research. Much of this work involved animal models of drug addiction and studying the reinforcing effects of abused drugs. Recently the P.I. has shifted his focus from basic biobehavioral research to the application of the knowledge and experience gained from this research. This change in focus has lead to the development of the ASNet.


Explicit in the mission of the ASNet is the dissemination of information about addiction, which is accomplished in part through this website. Although the ASNet is a totally volunteer effort, funds are needed for:


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To maintain independence from government and other special interest groups, the ASNet solicits contributions from a wide variety of sources. And because some of the money may be used for promoting the development of rational drug-regulation policies and for promoting harm-reduction strategies, donations are not tax deductible; some aspects of these activities might be considered lobbying by the Internal Revenue Service (especially when they conflict with a government agenda). We currently receive no federal, state, or local funding for our work.


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