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These podcasts are copyrighted 2012 by the Addiction Science Network. They are produced in collaboration with the State University of New York at Buffalo and are provided solely for educational purposes. Podcasts can be downloaded from Transcripts are also available for some podcasts at our website as are other documents and commentaries regarding drug addiction and select topics on psychopharmacology. The podcasts can be copied and freely distributed as long as the source is acknowledged and provided they are not edited in a manner which changes the fundamental meaning of the selected passages when quoted out of context of the entire presentation. Correspondence from professional colleagues is welcomed and can be sent to We do not offer clinical services nor do we usually have time to reply to questions e-mailed from the general public. When listening please keep in mind that these podcasts are targeted for academic and professional listeners; everyone is invited to share any information they find useful, but our target audience is NOT the general public. Finally, please note that the Addiction Science Network is the sole author of this work, and views and opinions expressed herein should not be construed as official policy of the State University of New York.

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ASNet Primer on Addiction

The material from our Primer on Addiction, including a discussion of The Nature of Addiction, is now available as a podcast in MP3 format. This podcast serves as a general introduction to the study of addiction and is a prelude for the scientific analysis of addictive behavior discussed in later podcasts. See below to download this podcast.

The primary learning objectives for this podcast are to:

  1. Learn that addiction is a behavioral syndrome which may or may not be accompanied by physical dependence on the drug
  2. Learn about prototypic addictive drugs and their role in studying drug addiction
  3. Learn about the motivational hierarchy important in normal and in addictive behavior
  4. Learn about motivational toxicity and the two components that can create this condition
  5. Learn what two features distinguish addiction from normal behavior and thus reinforce the notion of addiction as a behavioral syndrome

Secondary learning objectives include to:

  1. Learn how the addict’s perceived feelings of “loss of control” fit well with behavioral definitions of addiction
  2. Learn about the general nature of addiction and develop an awareness of its biological basis
  3. Understand that psychological states such as drug craving and euphoria may reflect the biological mechanisms of addiction but not necessarily cause the addiction

Click here to download the podcast (length 15min37sec, file size 14.6 MB). Note: The podcast generally follows the transcript of the text available online with only a few embellishments and readers familiar with the written text need not download the podcast

ASNet Defining Addiction:
What are the necessary attributes?

We are admittedly releasing this podcast and printed commentary on the ASNet Discussion Forum prematurely, before we've had time to edit and to re-cut the audio to produce a better, more professional podcast. Requests from a few subscribers for more podcasts ASAP have encouraged us to throw away pride and release these 'rough drafts' to the public. Rather than disseminate the podcast to a select group, we decided to release this preliminary version publicly. We anticipate small editorial changes to the printed document intended to improve clarity, and we expect to re-cut the entire audio tape at a later date. For those who can't wait, the (rehearsal version of ) podcast is now available for download.

The primary learning objectives of this podcast are to:

  1. Explain why our succinct definition of addiction is sufficient for most purposes
  2. Discuss briefly some of the other characteristics of an addiction
Click here to download the podcast (length 11min48sec, file size 10.5MB).

ASNet Drug Classification and Effects

This podcast describes the basic scheme used to classify drugs and briefly examines the primary and important secondary effects of drugs in each classification. The classification scheme used here focuses on the psychotropic effects of these drugs, but largely follows (with a few important exceptions) the therapeutic effects of these compounds. Printed text showing the drug classification scheme is available here. A further listing of drugs by popular street names is available here. See below to download this podcast.

The primary learning objectives of this podcast are to:

  1. Learn the various drug classes of special interest to drug abuse specialists and psychopharmacologists
  2. Learn the general effects associated with each drug class
  3. Learn the main drugs which comprise each drug class, including the popular street and proprietary names for some commonly used and abused drugs

Secondary learning objectives include to:

  1. Learn about the DEA/CSA classification scheme with emphasis on the organizational logic and examples of some key drugs seemingly misclassified
  2. Understand how federal regulations supersede regulation at the state level, except in cases where state or other jurisdictions further restrict drug access
  3. Understand why "medical marijuana" is unlikely to ever be approved by the FDA and other key regulatory agencies in the United States and hence never truly legal despite grassroots efforts across the country and the passing of medical marijuana legislation by individual states

IN PROGRESS: you can later Click here to download the podcast (length xxminxxsec, file size xxMB). Note: This podcast is a full length presentation which supplements the material found on our Drug Classification web page, and listeners are advised to review that page in conjunction with this podcast.

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