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Locomotor Activity/
Conditioned Place Preference Apparatus

LMA/CPP chamber
Side view of the apparatus used in locomotor activity (LMA) and conditioned place preference (CPP) experiments. The apparatus is the same, except various cues (e.g., visual, olfactory, textural stimuli) are added for place conditioning experiments. The experimental apparatus is housed in a dimly illuminated, sound-attenuating chamber which blocks peripherial stimuli not intentionally introduced into the experiment.

Photo diode/cell arrays used in LMA/CPP apparatus
The subject's position is monitored by a series of infrared-emitting diode/photocell arrays. The diodes emit infrared light which is invisible to the subject. The photocell on the opposite side of the appratus detects the narrow infrared light beam. The beam is interrupted when the subject is positioned between the infrared-emitting diode and the corresponding photocell. 

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